Leading a search is a big undertaking and others are looking to you for answers. Lead your church with confidence and competence using our tools, resources and expertise. Whatever your situation, it’s likely we’ve helped with it before.

Why lead alone when we can walk beside you? - Helping you lead your church with proven tools, resources and expertise

Others are looking to you for solutions. They are willing to follow someone who can solve the problem. P3 is not simply a software solution, it’s the complete package of expertise, supportive tools, software options and ready-to-use resources.

It's one thing to say I know where you’ve been, it’s another when you can say to a church we’ve walked there with you. We walk there with you.

I am a


looking for a better fit

We are a


looking to fill a position

Leadership Solutions

P3 is not just a software match. It is a proven system that guides your team in decision-making. P3 helps you look forward while understanding who you are now as you search nationwide for a candidate that fits who you need.

P3Next is an efficient, guided process to identify your next leader to serve under your lead pastor. With tools to define and prioritize needs and assessments to explore fit, P3Next is the solution that maximizes your search efforts so you can focus on ministry.

Still Not Sure Where to Start?

No worries! We'd love to help you get started down the process that makes the most sense for you.