For Pastors

I think I’m ready for my next season of ministry. How do I stand out? How do I articulate who I am? How do I know where I’m a good fit?

You could be with your next church for a long time. It’s important to get this right.

How will my search be different in P3?

  • 90% of the pastors placed through P3 are still in place over our 11 year history shattering the average pastoral tenure trends.
  • Candidates have access to personal contact, including an onboarding interview.
  • Candidates receive professional assessments
  • Candidates have access to church profiles once they are matched to a church.

Candidates and churches answer the same in-depth questions to explore who you are and thoroughly describe your beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile. You are further able to describe yourself through personality and leadership assessments that provide insight into the your behaviors, responses, challenges and strengths. P3 is then able to filter candidates based on the church profile, evaluating if there is a potential good fit, then supporting the search team’s further exploration.

Your P3 registration is not just for a single church. Your profile will be compared to every church when they are ready to seek candidates, looking for a good fit.

Is There a Cost?

We believe every candidate is not just searching for their next church, but also looking for a good fit in their next ministry season. P3 specializes in helping candidates understand themselves and their alignment to a church. With your P3 registration fee, you will receive professional assessments to best understand and describe yourself to search teams. These are yours to keep and we encourage candidates to capitalize on what they learn, especially the descriptors of themselves, and use them liberally in their job search.

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